Guided Meditation: Om Ma

Download the mp3 file here Meditation – Om Ma – 108 Repetition

“As a rule the only mantra used in this Sadhana is that of the Mother or of my name and the Mother’s.” Sri Aurobindo, On Himself, Cent. Edn., Vol.26, p.511

“Om Ma” is the combination of the sanskrit names of Brahman (OM) and the Mother (Ma).

Sri Aurobindo tells us: “The japa is usually successful only on one of two conditions – if it is repeated with a sense of its significance, a dwelling of something in the mind on the nature, power, beauty, attraction of the Godhead it signifies and is to bring into the consciousness, – that is the mental way; or if it comes up from the heart or rings in it with a certain sense or feeling of bhakti making it alive, – that is the emotional way. Either the mind or the vital has to give it support or sustenance.”

The mantra is chanted 108 times, so that it can be used as an audio japa. Thus almost the entire counsciousness can be focused on the right mental or emotional state.


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