La Madre (Sri Aurobindo)

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Sri Aurobindo dopo il 24 novembre 1926 inizia a scrivere una lunga lettera che poi diventerà il libricino de “La Madre” nel quale sono condensati i punti fondamentali dello Yoga Integrale e sopratutto la figura della Madre.

Sri Aurobindo – La Madre

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  1. gepalo13 il said:

    Apropos of Record of Yoga, Let me compile here some of the ctonemms that have appeared elsewhere:Re: Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World. by Richard Hartz (4)by Rich on Mon 20 Aug 2007 09:26 AM PDT | Profile | Permanent LinkDB wrote: The scrupulous avoidance of stereotypical usage of words through at least two means: (1) to keep one’s language expression within the limits of one’s experience; and (2) to handle language creatively is mandatory to prevent the easy slippage into the integral religion of conscious evolution. In this regard, Sri Aurobindo himself gives us the best example. Further, he coins a completely different dictionary for his own use in the Record of Yoga. DB . regards the Record, I have heard various tales from senior sadhaks in the Ashram, that it was not the intention of Sri Aurobindo to publish his personal diary or what we call the Record of Yoga. First is that an assertion which can be verified? and next if true, is the fact that it was not published by either Sri Aurobindo or the Mother because they wished to resists its slippage into the discourse regime of the (pseudo)enlightenment industry? or even mis-interpreted by the aspiring sadhak or sadhika? or did he just wish for these to simply function as his own personal notes and reflections?Re: Re: Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World. by Richard Hartz (4)by RY Deshpande on Wed 22 Aug 2007 04:09 AM PDT | Profile | Permanent LinkAn important point, Rich.It will be nice if DB can get the details from RH himself. My own understanding is as follows: There was a pile of Sri Aurobindo’s unpublished writings at that time and on top of it was a note saying confidential . This was taken to mean that the confidential matter was only in the top sheets of papers and the rest could be published. The Record was later serialised in the Ashram’s Archival half yearly periodical. Perhaps this could have been enough, instead of bringing out the whole lot in the complete works. But I don’t know. Let DB take up the matter with RH.RYDRe: Re: Re: Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World. by Richard Hartz (4)by Rich on Wed 22 Aug 2007 11:14 AM PDT | Profile | Permanent LinkRYDThanks for the light you have shed so far,even though in an Era of information it would be counter-intuitive for anything to remain confidential especially with regards to someone like Sri Aurobindo who is of iconic status in sub-continent and world history, and fortunate for us that the Archives has done an excellent work in its excavation and recovery,however, if true, the fact that Mother did not publish it nor (as I understand it) Nolini-da, would perhaps be significant. or maybe not? At any rate the discussions regards the publication decision, and the literary history of the editorial process would be valuable in itself .rcRe: Re: Re: Re: Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World. by Richard Hartz (4)by RY Deshpande on Thu 23 Aug 2007 03:59 AM PDT | Profile | Permanent LinkRich: I would not apply the criteria of the Information Era to matters spiritual and occult. We had the ancient mysteries, and till yesterday the secret of the Veda had remained a secret. And whatever is overt, hardly we understand anything of it, for isntance, of the Gita and the Upanishads. The Mother didn’t want the Agenda to be published the way it has now been done. But perhaps the most important thing is, our growing in the spiritual perception which will assure all that that is needed for that growth. The deed has been done and there is hardly anything else one can do now about it except to develop our psychic-spiritual faculties by profitting from all these splendid richnesses.RYDRe: Re: Re: Re: Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World. by Richard Hartz (4)by Rich on Thu 23 Aug 2007 08:48 AM PDT | Profile | Permanent LinkRYD wrote I would not apply the criteria of the Information Era to matters spiritual and occult. I totally agree with you.rcRich’s note should open new windows of investigation. I had suggested DB to shed light on the issue. I repeat the suggestion. Thanks.RYD

  2. gepalo13 il said:

    about the Record of Yoga. It is said that this was done with the approval of Nolini. But not relaly. He had given the papers to be just typed out, and that’s all, typed without taking a copy. The original papers had become brittle and just to preserve the contents, he had permitted these to be typed. And that’s all. After the Record-period the yoga-tapasya of Sri Aurobindo had progressed so much that we should be careful not to mix it with the later Siddhis. The parameters of operation had changed, had progressed, one founded on the other—it was the House of the Spirit that was being built upon Earth. The further great change took place in the Agenda. We might say that Savitri envisions it, the Agenda, but the aspect of realisation is in the Agenda. What is the realisation of the Agenda? The physical itself saying “What Thou willest, what Thou willest”, its surrender to the Supreme. Is that the Mantra of Savitri? Not quite. In any case, Savitri is its foundation.In our spiritual pursuit we have to understand what is it exactly that we need and we will find that that help is indeed available. Savitri is there to give that help—and it is founded on that that we have the Agenda.RYD

  3. mario zerini il said:

    Buongiorno ,
    prima di tutto vorrei ringraziarvi amorevolmente per questi bellissimi files audio.
    Vi segnalo pero’ un errore nei files de La Madre. In effetti il file 3 dovrebbe includere la parte VI del libro, dato che il file 2 contiene la parte IV e V. Invece il file 3 ripete la parte V cosicche’ la VI ultima parte del libro risulta mancante.
    Sperando che anche la VI parte sia disponibile possiate metterla in linea vi ringrazio e auguro buona giornata

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