Sri Aurobindo – Surrender – Meditation

A guided meditation of 20 minutes on Sri Aurobindo’s sonnet Surrender.
Every quatrain is separated by about 5 minutes of music to allow yourself to get in deep touch with the living words of Sri Aurobindo.
Full text is given here:
O Thou of whom I am the instrument,
O secret Spirit and Nature housed in me,
Let all my mortal being now be blent
In Thy still glory of divinity.
I have given my mind to be dug Thy channel mind,
I have offered up my will to be Thy will:
Let nothing of myself be left behind
In our union mystic and unutterable.
My heart shall throb with the world-beats of Thy love,
My body become Thy engine for earth-use;
In my nerves and veins Thy rapture’s streams shall move;
My thoughts shall be hounds of Light for Thy power to loose.
Keep only my soul to adore eternally
And meet Thee in each form and soul of Thee.
Precedente Agenda 28/06/1969 - Il Grande Senso Successivo Sri Aurobindo - The Golden Light - Guided Meditation